Always in My thoughts

As I drove to work this morning, I thought about different things:

–          I replayed in my mind what my friend Uche had told me. Her friend had been in a serious accident. On Sunday afternoon, it had rained wolves and tigers. He had been driving and somehow lost control and the car started to go backwards on a major road. It moved uncontrollably for what must have seemed like eternity to him and then somersaulted about 3 times before it tumbled into a ditch!

All I could say after she told me on Sunday and described the scene to me on Monday evening was, “Thank you father… Thank you for watching over him, thank you that he came out unharmed…” I was filled with an indescribable sense of gratitude. I was grateful for God’s protection over His children, for the ways He brings victories to us, for the ways He provides for us, for the way He is always with us regardless…

–          Then I thought back to minutes earlier while I got ready for work. I had fed the babies and Amanda-Jessica soothed herself to sleep. Osborne-Joshua on the other hand, though his eyes were heavily clouded with sleep, wouldn’t just give in. He kept fussing and to crown it, he didn’t want me out of his sight! I moved him in his rocker to my room but it wasn’t enough. His whimpers for attention didn’t stop… I needed him to stop fussing and know I was there and though I wasn’t holding him, I was there…

This was just one child, seeking my time, my attention…

Then I thought about God, I somehow was able to link the two events;

I thought about God– the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ… I thought about how He so patiently tends to our needs; all of them and all of us

He doesn’t get overwhelmed by our need for Him, our need for His attention, His full attention. He watches over Joe in Nigeria while he drives, keeping him from harm and at the same time wraps his arms around the widow in Panama, whose marital status changed recently, overwhelmed by how clueless she is about the plumbing in her home. A pipe is broken and suddenly it hits her, her covering is gone, she must learn to take care of those jobs by herself, he isn’t there anymore…

While he comforts her and makes a way out for her, at the same time he provides for Kayla in Georgia. Broken hearted from another failed relationship, she curls up on her sofa despising herself for being so used by men yet He is there, patiently loving her and speaking to her…

All at the same time, he comforts Kay in Houston, her earthly father is gone; she is tempted to quit and ask what the point is, but He reminds her that He is still with her, He reminds her that she has a ministry He will help her fulfill no matter how inadequate she feels.sparrows

And so for a minute, or maybe a fraction of a minute I am asking you to forget everything that weighs heavy on your heart, I am asking you to please forget the things that make you cry, the things that make you worry about your future, I am asking you to forget those legitimate cares, those issues that put question marks on the efficacy of your faith, I am asking you to forget all that and I am asking you to focus on Him… Focus on Him…

Focus on the One who never says, ‘you again Lisa? Can’t you just give me breathing space?”

Focus on the One who doesn’t ever tell you, ‘Didn’t I attend to you last week? You really have to stop coming here”

Ah just focus on the many breasted God who can attend to me sitting here typing behind my computer, and still be with you at the same time as you are bent over that patient, about to perform a very delicate surgical procedure.

Focus on the one who never says, I can’t feed two babies at the same time; He never says, ‘One second Ozioma, I am attending to Dinah, please drop your form at the reception then I’ll get back to you ASAP’

Focus on Him… and breathe your heartfelt thanks to Him… Things may not be the way you want them to be in your life right now but believe me, if He could just cause you to see real pictures beyond this realm, you would see that your life has been ‘a series of fortunate events’ with Him taking you through, molding you, perfecting you, turning what people called hopeless cases around to favour you…

How do I know?

Hear Him for yourself:

“Could a mother forget a child
who nurses at her breast?
Could she fail to love an infant
who came from her own body?
Even if a mother could forget,
I will never forget you.
A picture of your city
is drawn on my hand.
You are always in my thoughts!’’

(Isaiah 49:15-16 CEV)

Don’t laugh…

Sure, it may not look like it, but He says so, so it is true.

You are ALWAYS in His thoughts.

And the least you can do today is just thank Him. Stop the fear, stop the complaining, stop the comparing your life with others’ around you.

You are always in His thoughts

He deserves all of our gratitude, all our praise, all our love, all of it!

And like I did this morning, please take a minute to appreciate this awesome Father whose heart is sooooo large, He doesn’t ever say, “You want me to have four children?! In this new millennium?! That’s a crowd please…” Rather He urges us to even invite more and more and more…

Thank Him for His love, for His patience, for His protection… thank Him for where you are now, and for where He’s taking you to. Thank Him for those things many take for granted; thank Him for water to drink and the ability to drink it; thank Him that you went to work today and got back; thank Him for your workplace, you may not like it there but you do have a job; thank Him that you had lunch, you didn’t only afford it, you were able to eat it; thank Him that you can breathe unaided and if you need aid to breathe, thank Him that the technology is available for you to be able to breathe with some aid… Thank Him, there’s so much to thank Him for, no don’t take that phone call that just came in, you can call back later; this is you and Him time, this is the Father’s appreciation time, this is His time, the time for you to let Him know you see and you know He’s really the One making life this good for you.

He deserves all our praise, He really does…


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15 Responses to Always in My thoughts

  1. Nina says:

    I really needed this right now…..thank you. And thank God for you….

  2. blogginjean says:

    Your beautiful, positive take on things is reflective of the faith God wants us, His children, to have. God is worthy of every praise-giving testimony and much more!

  3. blogginjean says:

    Your beautiful, positive take on life is reflective of the faith God wants us, His children, to have. Never stop. God bless you for this praise-giving blog. God is worthy of every good testimony.

  4. Aijay says:

    Sometimes we get so bothered about things we have no control over, at the end of the day, we just realize, “we needn’t have worried” God was working things out for our good all the while. It just fills my heart with comfort, joy and gratitude to know that God is for me. Thank you Lord for accepting me and being there for me always. Thanks, Ulu for the encouragement.

  5. Our God is that faithful father who is never absent. Glory to His name and thanx for the encouraging words

  6. Pst Akin Meseko says:

    Some have food but cannot eat, some can eat but have no food. We have food and we can eat. Glory be to God!
    Thank you for this inspiring piece.

  7. Chika says:

    Thank you Uluobi for this wonderful piece. Father, I and my family stand in awe of you. We are ever so grateful. You are indeed the all sufficient God.

  8. kel says:

    Beautiful. Inspiring. Soo true. Thank you Lord. Thanks snuffly. I’m grateful Lord

  9. Ugochi Ayodele says:

    The Awesomeness of God! Uluobi u’re such an inspiration, you just reminded me of the fact that we should appreciate God for even the least of things. We are all seeking for outlandish stuff, how faithful and grateful have we been in little??

  10. Your write up reminds me of my time with my ‘FATHER the faithful ONE’ today. Tears of gratitude just flowed freely as I worshipped and thanked HIM. HE sure deserves our praise and thanksgiving. God bless your heart.

  11. Grace says:

    Sometimes I focus so much on what I don’t have and forget the soooo many beautiful things that I do have….. Life, Love, Hope and more. Thank you for a beautiful reminder that God is really ALL I need….more than enough

  12. Kitty says:

    Oh dear am blessed by these words
    Oh how we get carried away by what we see as challenges not seeing what the heavenly one is doing o n our behalf.
    From the depth of my heart I say thank you lord for being there for me.

  13. Chinene says:

    Made me really stop and appreciate the countless blessings. Thank u darl for this lovely piece. Keep it up.

    • ozioma chukwu says:

      Wow! Uly..for d mere fact dat u remembered to mention my name as example in ur write-up is a sure sign dat God wil remember d likes of us tru u..Truly I’m inspired. Keep up d good work.

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